Becoming the architect of your life and work


About The Book

The Leadership Blueprint is designed to help you develop as the lead architect of your life and work. Three areas of focus will enable you to create and build upon your leadership qualities: 

1)    Who you are personally and professionally

2)    Why you do what you do in life and work

3)    How you create a lifetime of meaning

Who you are as a leader matters. In reading this book, you will share the authors’ lives, work experiences and personal stories.  An interactive workbook is provided for you, to help you explore your potential and plan your strategies for creating the best you, personally and, especially, professionally. 

We begin with a focus on the foundation upon which everything you do is built: your Character. On the foundation of your Character, we will build the pillars of your leadership: Competence, Consistency, and Creativity. Your leadership will thrive as you design goals and strategies to create the best outcomes with positive, measurable results. 

As you learn about and build your Character, Competence, Consistency, and Creativity, your life and work will become congruent. You will develop greater Confidence. You will also develop leadership goals, which will create a value-based philosophy for living and leading your life well.


About Tess Cox

About Tess Cox

Tess is principal of TESS COX & ASSOCIATES, LLC and a Senior Executive Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Author. 

Tess’ leadership experience spans over 25 years. She seeks to mentor and build the leadership capacity and influence of her clientele as they lead their employees, teams and boards. The incredible results of her clients, is experienced with a focus on the following tools and resources: mindset training, effective processes of communication, decision-making capabilities, systems thinking, and building strong and trusting relationships. She coaches, consults, trains, and mentors a wide variety of leaders worldwide. Her clients lead multi-million dollar organizations, they are lobbyist, lawyers, banking industry leaders, physicians, nurses, small business owners, real estate developers, hospitality leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, growers and processors, and non-profit organizations. 

She is a graduate of Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.

She and her husband, Dean, raised their two grown children in Santa Clarita, California and continue to reside in the community.

About Dan Klawer

About Dan Klawer

Dan Klawer is a sales leader at Ernest Packaging Solutions and the author of the sales blog

An avid student of leadership and experience in selling for over 15 years, Dan was blessed with some incredible early mentors to guide him to where he is today. 

In building his sales business, he followed the guidance of his mentors. With a starting place at zero, he was able to focus, learn, and build a $2M annual book of business in his first three years in corporate sales.

Thanks to the influence of those mentors, he then turned his focus to sales leadership. He now spends his work life mentoring and supporting his sales team. His greatest success is seeing his sales team pursue their desired success. He spends his spare time studying leadership, storytelling, writing, and sales. 

Dan, his wife, Nichole, and their three children reside in Houston, Texas.


Dan Klawer and Tess Cox have over twenty years of history as family and friends.


Dan and Tess believe great leaders create a blueprint for their professional and personal lives. With a leadership blueprint, every person has the privilege to lead their own life, well. A blueprint for leadership bases decisions on the framework of Character, Competence, Consistency, Creativity and Confidence.




"You are, first, the leader of yourself. We believe you will thrive in every aspect of your life and career as you develop your leadership personally and professionally."

The Foundation

A person of character knows who they are and why they do what they do. They are able to build trust with others through their integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty.


Pillar Number 1

A person of competence understands the reality of their skills and knows how they bring value to their relationships and work with their expertise. They are able to build trust with others through their well-known capabilities, qualifications, and experience.


Pillar Number 2

A consistent person is known for being reliable. They are able to build trust with others by creating predictable structures, systems, and measurable results. They also have the ability to stabilize situations.

Pillar Number 3

An influential person has the ability to create strong relationships. They are able to build trust with others by thinking of new ideas and processing opinions with others. Their solutions produce excellent outcomes for the good of themselves and others.

The Protective Covering

A person who possesses confidence personally and professionally builds trust with others. Their quality of communication is high, and they excel when resolving conflicts. They are able to influence others through listening, gathering input, and collaborating with them to find solutions for best results. Confidence is fully realized through the development of the first four C’s.



Designing a blueprint for your life and work will lead you to build a great life and career. You matter, and we want you to thrive both in your learning and in leading yourself well. 



Before you begin your new journey of learning, we recommend that you take this opportunity to sign up for a Leadership Blueprint Coach. Our coaches are trained to enhance your learning experience by creating a weekly dialogue with you. 



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